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Attix5 Platform updated To V7 Sailfish R2

Powered By Attix5BackupVault today successfully upgraded to the very latest and stable release of the Attix5 software. The current version V7.14.626.14361 addresses a few bugs and new features.

Updates include:

  • Enhancements and bug-fixes to the VirtualRestore software
  • Faster restore index download and account reconnects on the backup client
  • Enhanced Windows Event Log Integration
  • Faster file size calculations
  • Fixed bug that displays backup with status “Successful with warnings” even though a successful backup has  completed

Full details on the update can be found on the Attix5 V7 Sailfish R2 Release notes (update 2) pdf.

Dont Cut Corners With Online Backup

Every business is looking to save money wherever possible, particularly in the extremely competitive global economy within which we all reside today. Therefore, although every savvy business understands the importance of protecting its data, the temptation to cut corners in order to save a few quid is always there.

Sadly, this can prove to be a classic case of false economics. Business users should be extremely careful regarding how their online data is backed up, as far too many backup companies run their backup severs and datacentres in an inefficient and inappropriate manner. This can cause your business no end of problems in the long run.

For example, many online backup companies are known to utilise cheap servers and consumer based hard disks. The reason from this from their perspective is obvious; they’re trying to keep their costs down, and pass the saving onto their customers. But this will be little comfort to you once you find out that the risk of hardware failure and downtime is greatly increased by this.

Additionally, many companies involved in the backup of online data store all of their clients’ data within a solitary datacentre. Again, this is a cost-cutting measure, but can be potentially disastrous if the company involved suffers from a catastrophic outage at any stage. It is more than possible that clients could use the entirely of their data. In order to protect themselves against such an eventuality, backup companies should have at least two datacentres with an exact copy of all customers’ data.

You need have no such concerns about your data with BackupVault. Firstly, we utilise the very latest in enterprise Dell servers, to ensure that your data is secure at all times. A variety of redundant systems have been built in to this state of the art system, including RAID, dual power supplies in every server, automated monitoring and enterprise SAS hard disks. We pride ourselves on having an extremely reliable backup system which is durable in the event of any unforeseen difficulties.

Of course, having warned of the dangers of basing an entire backup system on one datacentre, we don’t repeat this error ourselves. BackupVault uses two completely physically separate UK datacentres, which are located in Bournemouth and Southampton. Each of our datacentres has a variety of redundant system in place to make them as secure as possible, which include power, air conditioning and fiber links.

In summary, don’t cut corners when backing up your data, get in touch with BackupVault today and we’ll be glad to help you out.

With Cheap Online Backup You Get What You Pay For

The business world moves extremely fast in the contemporary world, and falling behind the pack for even a matter of days can be extremely costly for any business. With this notion in mind then it should be clear what one of the most valuable components of any business is – its own data.

This was exemplified perfectly recently by the Crypto Locker virus which caused untold problems for enterprises all over the world. Despite the fraudulent nature of what this piece of malware did, and the fact that there would obviously have been great resentment towards the people who created it, many businesses still felt obliged to pay the creators of the virus to release their data, as they didn’t see any other possible avenue for them. It was simply too valuable for any other approach.

Thus, it is absolutely clear from this story that backing up the data of your business is not merely a sensible precaution, it is something that can be absolutely essential to the very survival of your enterprise. Both those affected by Crypto Locker, and the people who created it, fully recognised this.

In accordance with this, the data backup marketplace is now just as competitive as any other strata of business, with a host of companies offering a variety of different solutions to companies looking to back up the information which is central to their business operation. Of course, in common with any competitive marketplace, many companies that are new to the market offer seemingly incredible deals in the hope of catching the attention of inexperienced enterprises.

While it is tempting to simply plump for the cheapest option, the reality is that any business wanting to protect its data would be well advised to engage in appropriate market research first, before opting for something which is completely unsuitable for their needs. One of the wisest maxims that has been ever put forward is that you get what you pay for, and if you pay peanuts for something…well, it should be obvious what you can expect to receive.

If your business has a large amount of data to backup, for example in excess of 200GB, then it is extremely unrealistic to expect this data to be restored at a moment’s notice by a company who is offering a bargain basement back-up solution. And the worst thing about this particular line of business is that if the quality of service you receive doesn’t match up to your expectations, there is nothing you can do about it. Well, you can withhold payment, but you can’t get your data back, that’s the whole point of what the backup solution is offering.

Here at BackupVault, we may not be the cheapest solution out there, but we are fully aware of the importance of data. With many years of experience (since 2004!), our backup service provides you with total peace of mind, ensuring that your data is 100% secure whatever disasters your business may befall.

BackupVault Offers a Lifeline to Symantec Cloud Customers

Those businesses that are looking to embrace the cloud have been left rather in the lurch lately by the news that Symantec has decided to discontinue its Backup Exec Cloud solution. Many businesses are now wondering how they can fill the hole in their systems which Symantec’s dissolution of this product will inevitably leave.

However, here at BackupVault we are offering an alternative for all those customers who have been abandoned by Symantec. BackupVault, powered by Attix5 software, offers the perfect solution to all small and medium-sized enterprises. We will be delighted to take on any customer, which finds itself without a backup solution after Symantec’s decision, and will offer your business free setup and import for all of your company’s data.

uk-lgflagIn addition to the excellent data backup services that we offer, BackupVault offers exceptional customer service and support. Forget about being held in a queue to speak to someone based in Mumbai with limited English, let alone IT knowledge, at BackupVault we pride ourselves on being based in Britain, with full UK support and datacentres based in the British mainland as well.

BackupVault is the perfect choice for all of your backup needs, as it is our core business. We specifically aim our services at businesses that need help and protection in order to back up their data. Not only do we make the process as simple as possible, but with BackupVault there are no setup costs, no additional hardware requirements, and the BackupVault service grows with your business. Should you require more storage in the future, our service is completely scalable.

In addition, unlike other backup services that offer inadequate security measures, BackupVault ensures that all system data is encrypted using a security key that is known only to you. Your data is stored on our secure servers in an encrypted, unreadable format. We also offer a variety of different data backup packages. Choose from our range of online backup or disk-to-disk backup solutions for peace of mind, while our Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS) is a cost effective solution that requires no initial capital outlay for your business.

BackupVault has been offering online backup solutions worldwide since 2003, and have assisted  thousands of companies worldwide protect their critical data. Thus, if you’ve found yourself up the creek without a paddle after Symantec’s announcement then don’t hesitate to get in touch with BackupVault today.

BackupVault now has a Google+ account!

We live in a very fast moving world nowadays, with the evidence showing, for example, that more data has been collected in the last ten years than in the rest of human history put together, and that this amount will be doubled in the next three years. And nowhere is this more important than in the technology sector, which is by its very nature constantly evolving and rarely standing still.

In accordance with this, another one of the biggest areas of change over the last few years has been in the field of social media. Once viewed as little more than a curiosity for teenagers, today social media is a critical part of commercial society, and of course anyone who’s anyone has numerous social media pages.google_plus_2

But the social media revolution has been far from predictable. Initially, Facebook gained a huge advantage over the already established MySpace, which made it look at one time that the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg would become the king of this realm.

But, of course, you cannot let the grass grow under your feet in the fast-moving world of social media, and one second Facebook was the world’s biggest social media site, and the next Twitter had dethroned it and disappeared over the horizon. Already Twitter is being challenged by Snapchat, Instagram is becoming increasingly popular, and there are a variety of other sites available as well.

Naturally, the company who are most readily associated with the Internet aren’t keen on being left out of this, so Google have launched the Google+ site. This is a social media site with a difference; it also offers an authorship tool that associates web-content directly with its author, and thus has been a particular favourite with businesses due to its somewhat more serious nature and image than the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, being involved with cloud computing, business and technology moves pretty quickly for BackupVault as well. Naturally, we already have Twitter and Facebook pages, but we’re always keen to do more to keep our customers in the loop regarding what’s going on with the company.

So in order to address this and do a better job of keeping our customers up-to-date with everything that is going on with our business, we have now launched a Google+ page, which we intend to populate very heavily in the coming weeks and months.

The increasing prominence of Google+ means that we were keen to embrace this important new site as widely as possible. So you can access our new Google plus page here, and you will be able to find out all of the latest news and information about BackupVault there in the near future.

BackupVault Online Backup Now Accepts Bitcoin

The last few years have been notable for the economic carnage which has spread throughout the world. Under the conditions that have existed, many people who are interested in economics have sought alternative methods of payment, as faith in traditional currencies recedes somewhat.

One of the most prominent and interesting examples of an alternative currency which has arisen out of this climate is Bitcoin. This relatively recent phenomenon has already garnered quite a reputation in the few years since its inception, and is already gaining mainstream recognition, with media reporting on the so-called ‘crypto currency’ quite regularly now.bitcoin-accepted

Bitcoin is based on a very simple premise. Bitcoin is an is an open source peer-to-peer payment network and digital currency, which remains completely anonymous for all users. This has been one of the big selling points of the currency, particularly in light of the recent revelations regarding the NSA in the United States, and some of its more grisly and nefarious activities.

As Bitcoin has risen in prominence, so it has exponentially grown in value. This wasn’t a huge comfort to the Newport IT worker who threw out a hard drive with over £4 million worth of Bitcoins that he’d forgotten about, but it has been a boon to those people who have been more diligent with their investment.

Increasingly, Bitcoin is now being seen as a mainstream form of payment, particularly on the Internet, much as Paypal has now established itself as almost omnipresent on the ‘net. Numerous websites are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, with Virgin recently stating that they will accept Bitcoin as payment for their Virgin Galactic flights.

Thus, we are delighted to announce at Backupvault that we are now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. We view the Bitcoin revolution as being an exciting one, and we want to offer our customers as many payment options as possible, with Bitcoin certainly being an increasingly valid one.

In addition, there is no doubt that Bitcoin particularly appeals to the technologically minded. The currency already has very much a community feel, with Bitcoin advocates gathering together on Internet forums to discuss the development of the currency, and we anticipate its utilisation growing in the future. We particularly believe that tech firms will make the most of this innovation as more and more technically savvy individuals check out what Bitcoin has to offer.

So if you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise looking to pay for your latest cloud-related technologies with this new crypto currency, then you can rest assured that Backupvault has got you covered. If you’re interested in paying via Bitcoin, contact us directly and we’ll discuss this process with you.

CryptoLocker Virus Underscores Importance of Backing up Your Files

One thing that most of us tend to resent at some time or another is the hassle of mucking about with backing up all of our files, and all the other rigmarole related to this apparently unnecessary inconvenience. Most people have had emails that they wished to receive dumped in junk by our email providers, and we generally view this as an annoyance and irritation, and an unnecessary one at that. What’s the chance of getting a dangerous virus, anyway?

crypto4_13102675Occasionally, though, something either occurs on our computer, or we read of something happening to others, that reminds us why we invest time, effort and money in evading viruses. It’s because when they do strike they can be incredibly costly and potentially debilitating for our personal and business affairs, and failing to pay heed to this can be absolutely disastrous.

If we needed a reminder of this, there has been an extremely timely one of late. The Crypto Locker virus which has been infecting Windows operating systems across the world is one such reminder, and an extremely nasty one to boot. This particular virus has been frequently described as ‘ransomware’ because it literally holds your computer to ransom.

When a computer becomes infected with the Crypto Locker, it denies all users access to their files, stating that their files have become encrypted. This sort of claim is not particularly surprising in and of itself, after all most computer viruses make such claims before being removed by virus checkers.

The difference with Crypto Locker is that they’re actually telling the truth. The program uses solid public-private key cryptography to encrypt files that match a long list of extensions, including documents, spreadsheets, images and even AutoCAD design files. Extensive research has been carried out by the antivirus firm Sophos, and they believe that the creators of this malware have nailed the encryption process, and there is no legitimate way to recover your data, or get hold of the encryption keys without paying up. And considering they’re asking for the equivalent of $300-$400 for this privilege, this is not a drop in the ocean involved.

The Crypto Locker simply underlines the need for businesses to back-up their files offsite as an absolute matter of course. You can believe that virus checkers, firewalls and spyware seekers are going to keep you safe all day long, and of course there is no harm in having those programs running. But they won’t. If you catch this particular virus inadvertently, through an innocent looking email which apparently seems to be from established companies such as Fed-Ex, you are quite literally screwed.

Here at BackupVault we have already had dealings with Crypto Locker. Last week, we restored 26,000 files from a London surveyor’s office which contracted the virus. Fortunately, for them we recovered all of their data as they subscribed to our backup service.

Our advice is: don’t leave yourself open to such extortion and have a robust offsite backup solution in place.

Restoring Online Data With BackupVault Is Quick & Easy…

Over the past few months we have been talking about Cloud Backup: what it is,  why you should use online backup, and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

A common question we get asked is “Will it take me an eternity to restore the data?” A frequent misconception when thinking about online data storage.

What if  we told you, that with BackupVault, backups are performed automatically every night or at a time that suits you. If you ever need to restore any data you can restore files in as little as three mouse clicks. Yes three.

Now we can’t speak for every cloud backup, or online data storage software; but our software at BackupVault really is that quick and easy and easy to use; making your life and business run much smoother.

attix5Other cloud backup facilities (from other providers) can take longer to restore data (speed can be affected by various factors), and perhaps this is where the idea that restoring data will take an eternity?! This often occurs when people opt for a cheaper solution and subsequently forfeit some quality. Ultimately, with anything in the modern world; pay peanuts…expect monkeys.

By that we mean, cheaper cloud options may ofter data to be sent and stored on hardware in a location away from the provider to minimise costs; somewhere where they don’t have control or influence over the type of hardware used to store the data, network connections and speeds. The provider may not have the ability to therefore copy data onto a portable device, and as a result, you may find a situation where a large amount of data needs to be restored by a client, at a different site from the providers, where the inferior standard of hardware and download speeds may really slow the process – not ideal.

Reliable UK Cloud Backup solutions offer features that massively help to reduce restore times; proving to restore more data quicker than other backup methods such as tape.

At BackupVault we use the most reliable online backup software on the market today – Attix5 Backup Professional.

At BackupVault we are confident of our great software, and service. We offer a no nonsense free 14 day trial of all of our software. We will even install it remotely if you wish…


The Impact of Failed Backup: Don’t Forget to Test

You can have the most comprehensive and sophisticated Backup system available, but how will you know it works as well as it claims, unless you actually test it? I read about products all the time that claim to do marvelous things, however, for my own personal confidence and understanding, testing is a must!

Imagine you don’t test your backup, how will you know if it is working, and if you are operating/working correctly with it? Like anything, sometimes things can go wrong with backups, so ensure you understand where this can happen and how to prevent it…


Every good backup and recovery plan involves testing. It is extremely important to perform test restores from your backup media and Online backup systems are no exception. While online backup systems are extremely reliable, you would be well advised to test the restore side of the system to make sure there are no problems with the retrieval functionality, security or encryption.

Imagine you discover that someone was in a hurry to do a backup one day, and configured the backup software to backup just their file directory, and they never got around to resetting the configuration? You are sat at your desk, beavering away, assuming all files from all employees are being backed up, except they’re not; only the hurried employee files are. Awkward.

Important data within companies is rapidly increasing all the time. Having all this critical data on company systems in turn increases the possibility of a an employee accidentally deleting vital data, and potentially creating financial problems for the company, not to mention an embarrassment reputation wise.

We are still amazed when we talk to companies who tell us of horror stories around restoring data. We often hear how employees suggest it is ‘not an efficient use of their time.’ This concerns us massively as the impact on companies that are unable to restore critical files and data, or if the main CRM or accounts system stopped working, would be hugely damaging just because someone ‘can’t be bothered’. Or, tested the backup once and then forgot about it.

At BackupVault we believe there is no reason not to test your backup software, or to run those updates. Firstly, we offer a an automated solution, where you decide when you want an automatic backup to be run; free from human intervention (and error). We take over the running and management of the backup if required, removing the time issue and risk of an employee not running that critical back up or test. Why not try our Free 14 Day Trial of all of our software.?


Recommend A Friend & Receive a £25 Amazon Voucher

At BackupVault we work 24×7, and we love what we do! We believe firmly in looking after our customers, not only through our excellent technology, but also through our customer service.

BackupVault specialises in providing small/medium sized businesses with secure backup, disaster recovery, hosting and storage solutions in the ever changing world of IT.

Choose from our range of online backup or disk-to-disk backup solutions for peace of mind. Our Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS) is a cost effective and capital expenditure free solution for your business, and has built up a reputation of excellent quality whilst being easy to use!

We understand how important word of mouth and trust is in business. We are often recommended by existing clients, and we would like to thank our customers for recommending us to their friends and colleagues. That’s why we have decided we want to give a little something to those who do take their time to recommend us…

We have one hundred £25 Amazon vouchers to give away, so if you know someone who’ll benefit from the BackupVault service, recommend them today by entering some basic details. It’s that simple!

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Recommend a friend and receive £25 Amazon Voucher. Find out more online…

What BackupVault Offer…

  • Reliable Backup & DR Solutions
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The BackupVault team are always ready to answer any questions you may have, and we are available out of hours should you need us in an emergency…Probably why we have built up a reputation for quality and excellence.

But don’t take our word for it…check out the testimonials we have received from existing customers. If you would like to speak to any of them, just let us know!

Here’s what a few of our customers have said about BackupVault…

“The backup software is excellent and the cloud interface simple and intuitive; combined with Blueraq’s fast and knowledgeable support, even about the tiniest detail, made them the obvious choice for our solution.”

Simon Tims, Group Technical Officer, Anglian Radio Ltd

“A great UK company and I would recommend them without hesitation…”

CEO, Ruby Capital Partners

“I have tried other backup products and BackupVault wins hands down. The software is extremely easy to use and we do not have to worry about our files anymore – every night they are sent offsite with minimal fuss.” 

Julian Guest, Director, Catalyst Health Economics