Another Memory Stick Lost With No Encryption

It seems like every week there is another article exposing a company or government department that has lost data. Each time this happens the importance of moving data offsite and encryption is highlighted.

It has just been announced that back in May, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council lost a memory stick containing details of 18,000 residents. Worst still was that fact that this information was unencrypted.

The council was found to be in breach of The Data Protection Act. A report found that steps were not taken to ensure that staff were trained in basic encryption methods.

Many small businesses use memory sticks as a form of backup for their company. Whilst they are quick and convenient, they suffer from the following drawbacks:

  • Not automatic and labour intensive
  • Only keeps one copy of a file. What happens if you need to restore a file from 10 days ago?
  • Not encrypted – unless you use third party software
  • Limited storage space
  • Can be easily lost

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