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Security & Privacy

At BackupVault we take your privacy and security very seriously. Your data is encrypted on your computer with the encryption key known only to you. The encrypted data is sent over the Internet to our secure servers where it remains encrypted ready for rapid restoration. Our datacenters are state of the art with numerous physical security measures in place.

Cloud Based Offsite Storage

Our online backup solution by its very nature is offsite. Your data is sent securely to our datacenters protecting you from onsite threats such as fire, flood, hardware issues and user error.


Our online backup solution powered by Attix5 Pro software uses the very latest patching technology. Incremental backups minimise data transfer by identifying only the changed bytes in modified files. Technology such as binary patching ensures that we can reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 98%. Put simply - your backups will be fast and efficient.

Simple Restore Procedure

If you need to restore a file or an entire backup set - it takes as little as three mouse clicks. Unlike tape or disk backup there is no media to try and find - simply load the software and click the restore tab.

Completely Automatic

Your backups will be performed every day at a time that suits you. You can even set the backup to be performed at multiple times during a day or on set days if you wish.

Improved IT Efficiency

With online backup you instantly remove the inefficiencies, risk and high cost of traditional backup solutions. There are no tapes, no disks to change over and no hassles. Staff IT costs are also lower as our online backup solution "just works".

Reduce Cost

BackupVault Online Backup has a lower total cost of ownership than other forms of backup. With traditional backup solutions there is an upfront cost for backup software, hardware and backup media. We charge a flat low fee per month for the amount of data that you store with us so you only pay for what you use.

Management & Monitoring

The backup servers are monitored round the clock and customers are alerted to any issues that arise on their account. We can also provide a remote management console to enable clients to administer multiple backup accounts within their company.

Built-in Version Control

Our backup software stores up to 30 days of backups as standard. You can instantly restore any version of a file you wish. More days can be added upon request.

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