Encrypted Online Backup - are you secure?

06 Aug 2012

We have recently had quite a few enquiries asking whether our online backup service is encrypted. This is generally considered to be a good sign as it shows that users and companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of security.

Our online backup service uses a combination of SSL and AES encryption. When backups are created they are encrypted on the users server/PC using the key the user created. This encrypted data is then sent over the Internet using SSL encryption where it arrives at our storage servers.

A little tip: Ask your current online backup company what would happen to your data if you forgot your encryption key/password? If they say they can reset it for you then it is likely they are not using any kind of encryption at all - or they store your encryption key on their systems. BackupVault uses an encryption key known only by you. We do not store this encryption key anywhere on our systems. You can be rest assured that your data remains on our storage systems in an encrypted state at all times.