Secure online back up for Christmas with BackupVault & Attix5

26 Nov 2012

December is certainly seen as a bad month for data loss so what better Christmas present for your business than secure online backup supplied by a BackupVault and powered by Attix5 secure offsite backup software.

Many offices will be closing down for up to two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period and any one of a number of disasters can strike whist offices are empty.

Last year one of our clients returned to their offices to find that a rodent had been busy chewing vital computer cables and all their precious data had to be restored. Luckily they had BackupVault powered by Attix5 software in place and normal service was resumed almost immediately.

We all would like a white Christmas but with snow comes ice and with ice comes burst pipes in unattended offices. Water and computers do not mix and whilst you may think you have data safely backed up on site can you really be sure this is the case?

Laptops too are vulnerable. It might seem a good idea to take your work home but Christmas is just the time when it may be stolen. Just imagine losing all the emails that come in whilst you are at home and how do you explain your negligence to your boss? Safe secure online backup will at least mean that you can retrieve those important contacts and start the new year on the right note.

All these risks may seem trivial and unimportant now and most of us believe that data loss will never happen to us but it can so easily happen and when you evaluate how irrecoverable and irreplaceable you data is along with the chance of unauthorised access to data that is not securely stored with offsite backup it makes sense to look now at that early Christmas gift of secure online backup for your business. Visit for cost effective, secure online backup solutions today.