Treat Your Data Like the Crown Jewels – Back it up Now

19 Dec 2012

Data is precious and has been compared to the crown jewels of an organization — it is certainly something you can't afford to lose. With huge amounts of data being generated every day, organizations are increasingly facing challenges relating to safe and secure offsite backup. You most certainly would be careful about how you stored priceless gems so why not apply the same principles to your data storage.

It is so easy to think that your business does not need secure online backup – that is until you experience a computer crash and that black screen tells you all is not well. For an SME with a server and more than one laptop computer in use the problems are compounded and finding your business without adequate backup in the aftermath of a natural disaster of human mistake can be very costly.

Backing up your data offsite is in fact not expensive or difficult and it is the natural way to insure your very precious data against loss. With the holiday period approaching and offices closing down for up to two weeks there can be no better time to contact BackupVault – leading providers of safe and secure offsite backup to SME’s - and get your data safely secured for Christmas. Call us on 020 3102 0040 or go to for more information. We look forward to securing the crown jewels of your organisation!