Your digital assets - how important are they to you?

10 Mar 2011

A customer recently asked me what size data plan they should be on. After a few checks we found they they had over 50Gb of data. Of that 50Gb there was just under 5Gb of work files such as spreadsheets, accounts software and emails.

The other 45Gb was mainly music and movies downloaded from the Internet. I advised to backup the 5Gb to BackupVault and backup the other 45Gb to an external hard drive.

This way the most important work related files were protected offsite. When choosing which files to backup you need to ask yourself which files are the most important to you.

Of course with BackupVault it is easy to select/deselect files from the backup program - so you are always able to protect what is most important to you.

We advise against backing up operating system files and other programs that can be easily replaced - but it is only you that can decide what is most important.