Cloud Backup FAQs


Cloud backup is a service that enables you to protect your files by sending them securely offsite over the Internet. Files can be easily restored using the click of a mouse. Our online backup platform uses the highly respected Attix5 online backup platform.
Our backup software runs in the background on your computer. Each day the software checks the folders you have selected to protect for any changes. If there is a new file or folder created the data is encrypted using a 256bit AES key only you know and sent over the Internet to our secure servers. If a file is modified, then only the modified part of the file is sent – saving considerable backup time and bandwidth.
Of course! Our cloud online backup solution is far easier to use than cumbersome tape backup systems. There is also no hardware or media to buy. As our online backup solution is offsite you are protected from fire, theft, ransomware and data corruption.
Any files that can be read by the operating system can be backed up. The most common file types are word documents, excel files, photos, and databases such as Exchange and SQL.
As soon as the backup has completed successfully the software displays a discreet message showing a successful backup. Log files are also kept showing detailed information about the backup. You can also have the option of receiving a daily report delivered by email.

Automatic – the backup will run at a time you choose Secure – all data is protected using SSL and AES encryption

Offsite – protecting your data from fire, floods, ransomware and hardware malfunctions

Easy to use – files backed up and restored in as little as three mouse clicks

No hardware to buy – simply pay a fixed low monthly fee to protect your data

Yes. Our support staff can advise you on exactly what you should and should not backup on your computer. We have extensive knowledge of what is required to be backed up with all common applications – and even some uncommon ones. We can even log in remotely for more detailed analysis of your system.

Security & Datacentres

Your data is encrypted with a 256bit AES key that only you know before the data leaves your server. The data remains encrypted when stored at rest on our servers. We also have numerous physical security features in place at our datacentres.
We use two UK datacentres, one in Slough and the 2nd redundant datacentre is located in Reading. At no point does your data ever leave the UK.


We store up to 30 days of backups for you (more if required). If you ever need to restore a file, simply select the file from the backup software and it will be retrieved from our servers and restored to your computer or server.
Go into the “control panel” and select “mail”. Click on “data files” to show the location of your outlook folders. Then open the backup software and ensure that this folder is selected for backup. Our software will backup Outlook files even if Outlook is in use using Microsoft’s VSS technology.
This depends on the amount of data and your Internet connection. For a typical office in the UK storing around 50GB of data the initial backup will take a few hours. Once the data has been uploaded to our servers then each subsequent backup takes a few minutes per day.
Yes – you will need to have the backup software running on each computer you wish to backup.
Yes – we are able to backup all the popular accounting software such as Sage, Iris and Quickbooks.
Yes, you can perform an initial backup to a USB disk. This encrypted “snapshot” disk can be sent to us to import. Subsequent backups only send new and changed parts of files, resulting in very fast backups.

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