The cloud backup client allows you to add functionality by installing application specific plugins and other monitoring tools. Current online backup plugins are listed below.

VSS Database plug-in for supported databases and applications

VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) enables open files such as Outlook pst files to be backed up. The VSS plugin also enables you to backup any VSS enabled database or application - without the need for a database dump.

The VSS plugin also provides a completely automated backup solution to Exchange and MS SQL databases (including 2016) - even whilst they are running. Exchange and SQL databases are patched and compressed to only a fraction of their original size prior to backing up - saving time and bandwidth.

Capita SIMS Database

The Capita SIM's plugin has been developed with the assistance of Capita and is the ONLY approved method of backing up a SIMS (School Information Management System) database. SIMS, FMS and Discover databases are all supported.

Email Notification

With the Email Notification you can receive notification on the backup activity. A specific email address can be used to notify you when a backup has failed, been successful or both.

Script Plug-in

The script plugin enables you to run custom made scripts before, during or after an online backup. For example it allows you to stop a database and then do a specific database dump. Relatively complicated applications can therefore be backed up with ease.

System State Plug-in

This plugin enables you to backup a collection of specific system components such as boot files, registry, COM+, Active Directory and Sysvol directories.

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