Why You Should Never Cut Corners with Online Backup

Every business is looking to save money wherever possible, particularly in the extremely competitive global economy within which we all reside today. Therefore, although every savvy business understands the importance of protecting its data, the temptation to cut corners in order to save a few quid is always there.

Sadly, this can prove to be a classic case of false economics. Business users should be extremely careful regarding how their online data is backed up, as far too many backup companies run their backup severs and datacentres in an inefficient and inappropriate manner. This can cause your business no end of problems in the long run.

For example, many online backup companies are known to utilise cheap servers and consumer based hard disks. The reason from this from their perspective is obvious; they’re trying to keep their costs down, and pass the saving onto their customers. But this will be little comfort to you once you find out that the risk of hardware failure and downtime is greatly increased by this.

Additionally, many companies involved in the backup of online data store all of their clients’ data within a solitary datacentre. Again, this is a cost-cutting measure, but can be potentially disastrous if the company involved suffers from a catastrophic outage at any stage. It is more than possible that clients could use the entirely of their data. In order to protect themselves against such an eventuality, backup companies should have at least two datacentres with an exact copy of all customers’ data.

You need have no such concerns about your data with BackupVault. Firstly, we utilise the very latest in enterprise Dell servers, to ensure that your data is secure at all times. A variety of redundant systems have been built in to this state of the art system, including RAID, dual power supplies in every server, automated monitoring and enterprise SAS hard disks. We pride ourselves on having an extremely reliable backup system which is durable in the event of any unforeseen difficulties.

Of course, having warned of the dangers of basing an entire backup system on one datacentre, we don’t repeat this error ourselves. BackupVault uses two completely physically separate UK datacentres, which are located in Bournemouth and Southampton. Each of our datacentres has a variety of redundant system in place to make them as secure as possible, which include power, air conditioning and fibre links.

In summary, don’t cut corners when backing up your data, get in touch with BackupVault today and we’ll be glad to help you out.