Its World Backup Day!

Happy World Backup Day everyone! Its that day of the year again – the day before April Fool.

The aim of World Backup Day is to raise awareness of backups and just as important – restoring of data. Do yourself a favour today and check that your backup method is working and you can restore data.

Why should I backup I hear you ask? Well for starters hard drives fail, and if it isn’t backed up then its gone. New hard drives have a failure rate of 3 percent. The older the drive gets the more likely it is to fail too. There are also other ways of losing data such as viruses, physical problems such as fire/flood, theft and many more.

The three most common methods of backing up are:

USB/Hard Drive/DVD
Tape Drive
Online Backup

Only online backup is secure, automatic and offsite. If you have an online backup account with BackupVault you can be rest assured your data is safe. Our customers can restore any file/folder in as little as three mouse clicks – can you?