Backing up network volumes and mapped drives in Attix5 Server Edition

The Attix5 Pro Server Edition (not Desktop Edition) has the ability to backup network drives. It is not advisable to backup by selecting a mapped network drive in case the server is logged off. The recommended method is to backup a UNC path as described below:

  1. First ensure that the Attix5 SE service runs as a user with sufficient rights to access the network volume you require.
  2. Open the Attix5 software and click on Tools, then select Add Network Volume.
  3. Specify the network path you wish to connect to (see example image) and click Ok.
  4. The network path will now be visible in the backup selection tree on the left hand side.
  5. Select the desired files/folders you require to be backed up and perform a backup as usual.

Backup UNC Path

If there is an error, the most likely cause is insufficient privalages. Ensure that the user running the backup service has rights to access the network volume.

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