How to configure the BackupVault Linux client using command line

Installation & configuration

The latest Linux builds can be found on the BackupVault Downloads page. 

Download the software, for example:

Install the software:
rpm -i BackupVault-SE-17.10.5-14251.x86_64.rpm

Confirm daemon has started:
/etc/init.d/a5backupd status

Configure the account. Enter in the Account Server address, port, group name and account create key:
a5backup-cli configure account

Schedule a backup time:
a5backup-cli :schedule set 21:00

Select data to be backed up, for example:
a5backup-cli :selection include /home

To see the other backup selection options run the command:
a5backup-cli :selection

When you have finished editing the selection, save the selection using:
a5backup-cli :selection save

Backup, restore & other commands

Run a backup using the default selection:
a5backup-cli backup

To see a list of common available commands:

To configure remote management:
a5backup-cli configure remote

To view the status of a task currently being performed by the backup service:
a5backup-cli status

To start a restore from the last backup made, extracting files to the default restore temporary directory:
a5backup-cli restore

To view a list of available backup dates to restore from:
a5backup-cli dates

To restore from a different date index obtained with the dates command:
a5backup-cli restore -rd 2

To cancel the current running task:
a5backup-cli cancel

To check for and install an update of the Backup Client:
a5backup-cli update