How to restore an Exchange database using the Attix5 VSS plug-in

Once you have followed how to backup an Exchange database you will be ready to restore it. 


VSS restores can overwrite current live data. During a restore, data is downloaded from the Storage Platform and written to a temporary location on the hard drive. This location is a folder that will temporarily hold the restored data, before it is streamed back into the database from where it was initially backed up.

Therefore, take care when doing test restores as they will overwrite any current data in the database with the data from the restore. Naturally, if you restore only a certain section of data (i.e. one information store), the rest of the database will not be affected.

The only way to avoid this scenario is to restore to a different machine, although some other components like Active Directory may need to be set up first.

  1. Open the Restore tab, expand the VSS Writers node, and then select the Microsoft Exchange Writer node.
  2. Include the writer by right-clicking the node, and then selecting Include on the shortcut menu that appears.
  3. Click the Restore button in the toolbar. The Restore Options dialog box will appear.
  4. On the General tab, you will note that you cannot restore to the original location when selecting any items from the VSS Database section as VSS will do that once the data is restored. Select a temporary restore location using the Browse button or enter a path to on in the Folder box. Ensure that there is adequate disk space.
  5. Click the VSS Plug-in: Exchange tab and configure the restore options.

    It is recommended that Replay outstanding transaction logs be enabled when restoring from the most recent database backup. Please note that you need to disable this option if restoring from a backup prior to the most recent one.

    Automatically dismount databases and allow overwrites is disabled by default (as a safety precaution) but enabling it is recommended to prevent restore failures due to Exchange settings. Only databases selected for restore will be overwritten.

  6. Click Restore.

After the data has been restore from the BackupVault Storage Platform it will temporarily be written to disk. The VSS component will then import the data into the live Exchange server.