How to restore SQL database files with a .DAT extension in Attix5

Some older SQL servers created a *.DAT file when backing up the SQL databases. SQL unfortunately does not recognise the .DAT extension as a valid backup file so you need to extract the database from this file.

  1. First restore the .DAT file in Attix5 Server Edition to a temporary location eg: C:\TempFolder\MyDatabase.dat.
  2. Next you need to confirm what the .DAT file contain. To do this run the following command in SQL:

    RESTORE FILELISTONLY FROM DISK=’C:\TempFolder\MyDatabase.dat’ 

    This will return a result similar to the info below confirming the .DAT file contains the database files you want to restore:

    LogicalName :: PhysicalName :: FileGroupName

    Data_V2_1_Data :: C:DATABASESMyDatabase.MDF :: PRIMARY
    Data_V2_1_Log :: C:DATABASES\MyDatabase.LDF :: NULL

  3. You can now execute a RESTORE with the desired MOVE options:

    RESTORE MyDatabase
    FROM DISK=’C:\MyDatabase.dat’
    MOVE ’MyDatabase’ TO ’C:\DBDataFiles\MyDatabase.mdf’,
    MOVE ’MyDatabase_Log’ TO ’C:\DBDataFiles\MyDatabase_Log.ldf’


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