How to Run a Snapshot Export Backup

Snapshot backups can be used to write backup data to disk locally, normally to a USB disk, which can then be removed from the server and sent to Backup Vault to be imported into the Storage Platform servers without having to be sent over the Internet.

This option is often used for initial backups if the internet connection is not fast enough to send the large first backup data in a timely fashion.

After an initial snapshot backup, backups can then run normally over the Internet. Like backups over the internet, snapshot backups are encrypted to hinder unauthorised access to data.

Before proceeding with the steps below, send a support ticket to with your request for a backup snapshot. We will then reply with address of our datacenter to send the USB disk to.

Configuration Steps

To configure a snapshot backup, select your data to be backed up as normal, then go to Tools and Snapshot and Export Backup Snapshot.

Tick the tickbox that says “The next backup must be a backup snapshot”, and specify the path where the backup should run to. If you have a USB disk, you can specify a path directly on this.

snapshot export

You can then click “Backup Now” to run the backup immediately from within the dialog, or can click “OK” to close and exit the dialog and wait for the scheduled backup to run.

Note: Ticking the verify option will confirm that data has been written correctly to disk during the backup process, but can take longer to complete the backup process.

When the snapshot backup completes, it reports that it has been successful and that the account has been disabled.

Note: It is very important to wait for the backup to report that it is complete before removing the snapshot disk, and not rely disk write status LEDs and so on. Removing a snapshot disk prematurely will render the snapshot unusable to the Storage Platform, meaning it will have to be repeated before it can be imported.

When the snapshot has completed, contact Backup Vault support to arrange shipping and import of your data onto the Backup Vault Storage Platform.

When imported, your account will be able to start sending data over the internet.

Snapshot backups can be seen in the how to create a snapshot backup video.


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