How to setup Streaming Backup on Attix5 Pro Server Edition

The streaming backup option is available on the Attix5 Server Edition (SE) only. When enabled it allows data to be sent directly to the BackupVault Storage Platform without being written to temporary disk location first. It has the following benefits over the standard staged backup method:

  1. Extremely fast - up to 75% faster than staged backups
  2. Uses very little disk space - less than 0.01% of data selected
  3. Code optimised to be used in high bandwidth locations such as datacenters and 100Mb+ connections

The main drawback is that it does not enable resumes. If a backup is cancelled then the backup will start again from the beginning. The streaming backup method also only supports delta blocking and not binary patching - resulting in larger backup transfers.

To enable Streaming Backups

  1. Click on Tools, Options and Disk Usage.
  2. Under Disk Footprint section, tick the box to enable Streaming Backups.
  3. Click Ok.


The next time the backup is run the data will be sent directly to the BackupVault Storage Platform.


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