How VSS Works
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Microsoft VSS – short for Volume ShadowCopy Storage – is used by Attix5 Pro when backing up open files to BackupVault. VSS is often misunderstood, and this guide seeks to explain how VSS works with Attix5 Pro and in general.  Note: The term ... Read More
How to run a Speedcheck and Healthcheck
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The Attix5 Pro client can run self diagnostic checks, including an upload speed check which can be used to determine your upload speed. How to Test  In the Tools menu, click on Health Check. In the Health Check window, select the options... Read More
Perform a SPCommsTest to the Attix5 Storage Platform
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The Attix5 backup software uses two main ports to communicate with our systems. Port 443 is used to authenticate against our Account Server (AS), whilst port 8443 is used to send the encrypted data to our Storage Servers (SS). When a backup client... Read More