How to start or restart the Attix5 backup service in Windows
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If the backup service stops for whatever reason, you will need to restart it in order for backups to run. Click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services Right-click on the Attix5 Pro service and click Start The Attix5 Pro service... Read More
How to start the Mac client service daemon if it has stopped
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The BackupVault backup client uses a service daemon to access files and send data to the BackupVault Storage Platform. If it has stopped, backups cannot run. Symptom of problem The BackupVault Backup Monitor may show a “red X” symbol, and... Read More
Attix5 Sailfish R2 Updates 1 & 2 Notes
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The latest V7 Sailfish applied across all the BackupVault servers has the following changes: Enhancements Storage Platform Restore type shows "VirtualRestore" in reports VirtualRestore cache read request option - when enabled it can speed up... Read More