Known Issues & Fixes

 VSS Troubleshooting for BackupVault Pro


When backing up Windows machines to BackupVault, the client uses Microsoft Volume Shadowcopy Storage (VSS) to access specific applications and open files. VSS uses “Copy On Write” to handle changes to files when they are open. This concept is... Read More

 Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for BackupVault Pro


Introduction On a modern operating systems, it is likely that some form of threat management system is installed. While in the past, only antivirus and port/application-based firewall solutions were common on hosts, intrusion prevention systems (IPS)... Read More

 Fix the SQL tab not displaying with BackupVault Pro

BackupVault Pro automatically detects a running MS SQL service and displays a SQL tab option on the left hand side. Occasionally the box will not be displayed and this is typically due to the permissions set within Microsoft SQL itself. To fix,... Read More