How to setup Attix5 VirtualRestore
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Introduction In a distaster recovery (DR) scenario it is not always practical to wait until the full restore has completed. You may also want to restore the data to a local machine and not the server that initially performed the backup. Attix5... Read More
How to setup remote management in the console
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Remote Management enables the Backup Administrator to remotely access and configure the Backup Client using the Storage Platform Console. For it to work, you first need to enable Remote Management on the Server Edition client software. Enable Remote... Read More
How to Run Reports using the BackupVault Management Console
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Storage Platform reports can be used to send information on backups or other functions on the BackupVault Storage Platform. Reports can be run manually, or scheduled to be sent by email at a specified time. Running Reports Manually Log in to the... Read More
How to use Attix5 VirtualRestore
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When using VirtualRestore, files and folders can be read/written as if it was a local drive. Full setup instructions can be found in the How to setup VirtualRestore article. Note: All writes to the virtual drive are temporary and will be lost when... Read More