VSS Troubleshooting


When backing up Windows machines to BackupVault, the Attix5 Pro client uses Microsoft Volume Shadowcopy Storage (VSS) to access specific applications and open files. VSS uses “Copy On Write” to handle changes to files when they are open.... Read More

 How to backup MySQL on Attix5 Server Edition for Windows

To backup a MySQL database in Windows requires the user to dump a copy of the database first using the mysqldump utility. The Attix5 SE client software will then backup this dump file. Windows Setup Install the Script plug-in using the Attix5 plug-in... Read More

 How to Backup Capita SIMS Using the Attix5 Plugin

Attix5 Pro Server Edition can be integrated with Capita SIMS to automate backups and send these to the Backup Vault Storage Platform. Installation The SIMS plugin needs to be installed using the Plugin Installer – details of how to install... Read More

 Exchange Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Backup Frequently Asked Questions  Can Backup Vault be used to back up Microsoft Exchange? Yes, Attix5 Pro can back up Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 to BackupVault. Older versions of Exchange are no longer supported. How... Read More