How to restore a MS SQL database using BackupVault Pro

Introduction Once you have followed how to backup a MS SQL database you will be ready to restore it. There are two methods of restoring a MS SQL database: VSS Restore Method: The database is restored and injected directly into the running SQL... Read More

 How to perform a BackupVault Pro disk snapshot import

Snapshot Restores can be used to restore data directly from disk if your internet connection is not fast enough to complete a restore in a timely fashion. Data is first exported by BackupVault from the BackupVault Storage Platform onto a removable... Read More

 How to restore files and folders with BackupVault Pro

Introduction There are two methods of restoring data using BackupVault Pro: using the client software and using InstantData. In this tutorial we will learn about how to restore using the client software. How to Restore Data Open the BackupVault Pro... Read More