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Fix the SQL tab not displaying with BackupVault Pro

BackupVault Pro automatically detects a running MS SQL service and displays a SQL tab option on the left hand side. Occasionally the box will not be displayed and this is typically due to the permissions set within Microsoft SQL itself.

Note: After each section, open the BackupVault ESE client to see if the SQL tab has appeared on the left hand side.

To fix, follow these steps:

Check if the SQL server role has the correct permissions

  1. Open the Microsoft SQL Management Studio and login as an authorised user
  2. Expand the Security then Logins folders
  3. Right-click on the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM user and select Properties
  4. Select Server Roles and tick the Sysadmin option
  5. Click Ok

If there are errors in the logs relating to the SQL writer, or if the SQL tab itself is not appearing, go through this checklist of common fixes:

Note: After each check, open the BackupVault ESE client to see if the SQL tab has appeared on the left hand side.

Check if  the ‘SQL VSS writer’ is running

  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator
  2. Type: vssadmin list writers
  3. Check the state of the listed writers. They should be all reading:

State: [1] Stable

Last error: No error

If the writer is displaying errors or is not present, then the associated service will need restarting.


Check the required services are present / running in services.msc

  1. From the start menu, search for “Run”
  2. Enter “services.msc”, hit enter.
  3. Confirm the “Volume Shadow Copy” service is present.
  4. Confirm the “BackupVault ESE” service is present and running.


Try to launch the ‘SQL Server VSS writer’ service under .\Administrator (local administrator) account

  1. ​Go to services.msc console and select SQL Server VSS writer service;
  2. Select Properties > Log-On tab and specify Administrator account credentials;
  3. Once done, restart below services from services.msc
      • ​Cryptographic Services
      • Volume Shadow Copy
      • Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
      • SQL Server VSS writer
  4. Restart the BackupVault ESE service from services.msc


Check the SQL tab is present in the BackupVault client

  1. Open the BackupVault ESE client to view the SQL tab on the left hand side
  2. Right click on the database you wish to backup and select Include