BackupVault Knowledgebase

How to Backup Office 365 with BackupVault

BackupVault is able to backup your Office 365 environment with ease. You will need a SuperUser account for the backup console, and a Global Admin account for Microsoft 365. To do get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the online Backup Management Console under a SuperUser account
  2. Click Add > Microsoft 365
  3. Select the Customer from the customer dropdown
  4. Enter the Domain name and then click Next
  5. Connect to the domain using administrative access (a Global Admin account). If you do not see the authentication page, make sure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows 
  6. Accept the required permissions                                                 
  7. When the connection is established, and you see the dialog below, click Next
  8. Select the required data to backup from the Exchange and OneDrive Accounts found in the domain. You can also enable the Automatically add new users to backup toggles to allow newly discovered users during a backup to be added to the backup selection (if required). Click Next to continue
    • Note: If you are not adding Exchange or OneDrive accounts to the backup selection, click Skip this step                     
  9. Select the required data to backup from the SharePoint sites found in the domain. Click Next to continue.
    • Note: If you are not adding SharePoint sites to the backup selection, click Skip this step                                             
  10. Confirm the backup selection, or select Edit to make changes as required                                                                                     
  11. If you are done making changes and have added your required services, click Finish and you will see your updated list of devices                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Note: You can add further services by clicking the Add Microsoft 365 device button to the right of the Summary dialog or by editing the customer’s backup selection.