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How to perform a BackupVault Pro snapshot export

The Backup Snapshot feature enables you to create an entire backup of all items in your backup selection and send it to a local disk. This disk is usually a removable USB drive. You can then send this encrypted disk to our UK datacenter for us to import into the BackupVault Pro Storage Platform.

This method is typically used to transfer large amounts of initial data or for companies with slow Internet connections. It is usually used for backups larger than 100GB. A similar reverse procedure can be used to restore large amounts of data rapidly – such as in a disaster recovery scenario.

Export a backup snapshot

  1. Open the BackupVault Pro software and click ToolsSnapshotExport Backup Snapshot.
  2. Select The next backup must be a snapshot backup.
  3. Insert an external USB drive (USB 3.0 preferably) into your PC/server. Create a folder on the USB drive called “snapshot”.
  4. Click Browse to specify the destination in the box provided and ensure that it is a folder on your USB drive. For example, if your USB drive is drive letter “e”, then specify: “e:\Snapshot”.
  5. Click Backup Now to initiate the snapshot backup. If you just click Ok the backup will start automatically when the next backup schedule runs.
  6. Check backup after a period of time to view the progress of the snapshot.
  7. Once the backup has finished, the backup account will be automatically disabled.
  8. Remove the USB drive and contact our support team to arrange to post the disk to our datacenter address.
  9. When we receive the drive we will import the data and the account will be automatically enabled. You will then be able to backup over the Internet as normal.

Note: All data on the USB drive is encrypted using your own 256bit AES encryption key. Neither we or anyone else will have access to any unencrypted data at any point.