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How to perform a full system backup with BackupVault Pro


The BackupVault Pro client enables you to easily backup selected files, folders and databases. It is also possible to backup the entire server, including System State, metadata, all programs, hot-fixes and updates. By enabling Full System Backup (FSB), it dramatically reduces recovery time during a disaster and a fast recovery time is required.

How to enable Full System Backup (FSB)

  1. Open the BackupVault Pro client.
  2. Select the Full System Backup toggle option to set to On.                                                                         
  3. Confirm that there are small black flags next to each folder and that the System State tab is also selected.
  4. Perform a backup manually by clicking on Backup.

Once a backup has completed it is then possible to restore an entire server back to another physical server or a virtualised environment such as Hyper-V and VMware.