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How to restore files and folders with BackupVault Pro


There are two methods of restoring data using BackupVault Pro: using the client software and using InstantData. In this tutorial we will learn about how to restore using the client software.

How to Restore Data

  1. Open the BackupVault Pro client and click on the Restore tab.
  2. Click on the backup date and select the point in time that you would like to restore from.Restore date/time selection
  3. Drill down to the folder you wish to restore by selecting the + icon.
  4. Right click on the file/folder you wish to restore and click Include. The files/folders will highlight in green.Restore files / folders selection
  5. Click Restore.Restore location selection
  6. Chose to restore files back to the original location or chose a new location.
  7. Click show advanced options to view other options. Click Restore to restart the restore process.