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How to Restore Office 365 OneDrive with BackupVault


BackupVault is able to restore your OneDrive data with ease. You will need a SuperUser account for the backup console, and a Global Admin account for Microsoft 365.

How to Restore OneDrive data

1. Log in to the BackupVault Management Console under a SuperUser account.

2. Open the action menu (the cog icon on the left hand side) for the domain and click Restore OneDrive.

Restore OneDrive 1

3. Click Connect and log in with your Office 365 admin credentials.

4. Once, connected successfully, click Next.

5. Select the account you wish to restore items from. You will see the list of backed up accounts, backup status of the account, the account type (Active or Deleted), number of files and the size of the accounts selection. Click Next.

OneDrive 4

6. Select the backup date, backup time and then the files/folders to restore from the backup tree.

OneDrive Restore 5

7. On the right, select the restore location for items. You can choose an auto-generated location, the original location or a new location which you will be required to specify.

OneDrive Restore 6

8. If an account has been deleted or is unlicensed, you will only have access to restore to an Auto-Generated or a New location.

OneDrive Restore 7

9. Click Confirm to start the recovery process.

OneDrive Restore 8

10. Once the restore has been successful, click Finish.