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How to Run Reports using the BackupVault Management Console


Storage Platform reports can be used to send information on backups or other functions on the BackupVault Storage Platform. Reports can be run manually, or scheduled to be sent by email at a specified time.

Running Reports Manually

Log in to the BackupVault Storage Platform using the Management Console and credentials provided by BackupVault.

Reports can be run from two places.

  • From the Account Management view with a context menu for a group or account.
  • From the Reports view by selecting the report, selecting “Show Report” and entering details if required.

Examples of this can be seen below.

Accessing Reports From Account Management Context Menu:

Accessing Reports from the Reports view:

In either case, the report will be shown in your default web browser.

Scheduling Reports

Reports can be scheduled to be sent using email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To schedule a report:

Click the Schedule Report button on the toolbar or right-click on a report and select Schedule Report.

The Schedule Report Wizard will open, and will prompt for the report category and report template to be used, if you did not select a particular report before clicking the Schedule Report toolbar button.

Provide a name and description for this report, and then click Next.

Specify the delivery schedule including any recurrence if this is desired.

Specify the delivery options. Use the Add button to specify the email addresses to which the reports must be emailed. Multiple email addresses must be separated with a semicolon.

Reports are explained in more detail in the BackupVault Management Console manual.