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How to start the Mac client service daemon if it has stopped


The BackupVault backup client uses a service daemon to access files and send data to the BackupVault Storage Platform. If it has stopped, backups cannot run.

Symptom of problem

The BackupVault Backup Monitor may show a “red X” symbol, and is unable to open the backup client.

service stopped

Cause of problem

The service/daemon is not running, or Backup Monitor is unable to communicate with the backup service.

Steps to fix

To start the Mac daemon, launch a terminal session on the Mac.

Enter the following commands

cd /System/Library/StartupItems/A5Backup

./A5Backup start

Note: You may need to run the command as “su ./A5Backup” and enter the root user password to elevate privileges to successfully start the service.

The service should start or report an error as to why it cannot.

Other potential causes

Although malware is less common on Mac it does exist, as does Mac anti-virus software. Anti-virus and intrusion prevention software can cause communication errors between the service, Backup Monitor and Backup Client.

Ensure these are correctly excluded from AV software.

The paths to exclude are:

/Applications/Attix5 (and all subdirectories beneath)