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How to throttle connection upload speeds on BackupVault Pro


BackupVault Pro allows users to throttle the upload speed at a specific time of day. This is commonly used to prevent the backup software using up all the available Internet bandwidth when running a backup during the day. Data is then only transferred at specific speeds during each interval.

How to throttle connection upload speeds

To setup connection throttling, create a throttle map:

  1. Open the backup client and click on Tools, Options, then Speed Limit
  2. In the Speed Limits area you can specify one or more speed limits. For example, you can select Limit 1 to only allow an upload speed of 500KB/sec. A limit of 0 means that no limit will be applied
  3. In the Timetable area select a speed limit colour you wish to use such as green (Limit 1). Click on the areas you want to have the Limit 1 applied and “paint” those times in that colour
  4. Repeat this process for any other custom speed limits you would like in place
  5. Click OK
  6. The connection throttled speeds will apply the next time a backup is run.

Tip! In our example above, we have set any backup to run at 500KB/sec during 9am to 5pm weekdays and 1000KB/sec at weekends. At all other times the backup will use as much bandwidth as allowed.