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Network Share Troubleshooting for BackupVault Pro


BackupVault Pro can protect network shares. Below are some of the errors, warnings, and events from the logs that indicate a network share issue:

Note: The paths are examples. Your path will be different in most cases.

  • \\\public is offline and will be skipped
  • Files not found – ()
  • Items with errors – ()
  • Skipping: \…\ (unavailable)
  • Skipping an included folder ‘\\\folder’ (Open file failed; path=\\?\UNC\\folder\, [53] The network path was not found.)
  • Uncategorized errors – ()

Check if the network share has been added and authenticated

  1. From the Backup Client open the Network view on the left panel
  2. Check the Network Path and login details

BackupVault Client Network Drive Menu

Check if the network share is accessible

  1. Is the network share is accessible from you PC?
  2. Check the permissions on the path (the client cannot back it up if it is Read Only)

Note: Prior to Windows Server 2012, VSS did not work on network shares.