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Perform a CommsTest to the BackupVault Storage Platform


The BackupVault Pro software uses two main ports to communicate with our systems. Port 443 is used to authenticate against our Account Server (AS), whilst port 8443 is used to send the encrypted data to our Storage Servers (SS).

When a backup client has issues even connecting to the our systems it is usually a firewall configuration issue. To test this, you can either use the standard Telnet client via command line, or use the SPCommsTest tool below.

How to download and run the SPCommsTest tool

  1. Download the Comms Test Tool from the Downloads page.
  2. Unzip the folder to your desktop and double click on the SPComms.exe file.
  3. In the Server IP/Host:Port section enter in the hostname of the server you wish to test. For example: and click on Test Server. BackupVault support staff will be able to advise on the exact server name to test.
  4. The result below should return details of the server itself, specifically the version number.
  5. If the tool times out or there is an error, you have a connectivity issue.

Tip: If you encounter a timeout or connectivity issue, check your firewall is allowing the software to communicate with our storage servers.