Laptop Theft…Prevention Rather Than Cure

Working from home nowadays is commonplace in many businesses and organisations; be it for one, or a few days per week. There has therefore been a huge rise in mobile and tablet devices in the workplace to accommodate this shift, meaning that staff are able to carry out that work from home, or on the move; increasing productivity and collaboration.

Whilst this is welcomed by many employees and championed by many employers, increased mobility also opens up new risks for organisations.

Businesses and organisations are at real risk if an unencrypted, poorly secured laptop that hasn’t been backed up onto the office server is lost or stolen; yet many do not adequately assess this risk and take the necessary preventative action.

No business or organisation wants that dreaded phone-call off an employee, explaining their laptop or tablet has been lost or stolen, carrying sensitive company information and files that they didn’t back up. This is something we at BackupVault can help you with. We offer a no nonsense free 14 day trial of all of our software. We will even install it remotely if you wish. Why not check out our free online backup trial.

Whilst we all like to adopt the attitude “it won’t happen to me” and “I’m not careless”, the likelihood is that it just may happen to you; so why not take simple measures to help prevent the damage created by theft or loss of your laptop?

When laptops were first available, they were treated with great care and attention. To be given a laptop by your company marked you out as someone special. Today, the laptop is commonplace, and let’s be honest, when our mind is running overtime with work, it can be fairly easy to relax our guard.

What if your laptop or tablet is lost or stolen whilst traveling to your hotel, on the tube or at an airport? What if you put it down on a chair at a conference and then minutes later it is nowhere to be seen? Or, if you leave it in your rental car whilst you pop to get a sandwich, returning to find the car broken into? These are all likely scenarios in an increasingly fast paced and mobile working world.

Many methods to protect the data and to prevent theft have been developed, including alarms, laptop locks, and visual deterrents such as stickers or labels. Victims of laptop theft can lose hardware, software, and essential data that has not been backed up.

Thieves also may have access to sensitive data and personal information. Some systems authorise access based on credentials stored on the laptop including MAC addresses, stored passwords, web cookies and cryptographic keys.

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We believe prevention is better than cure, especially where sensitive data and files are concerned. By combining enterprise-class technology with outstanding support and customer service we will take the stress out of protecting your data. But don’t take our word for it… find out what our clients say about us and see how we can protect your business.