Laptop Thefts Rising – Is Your Data Securely Backed Up?

Laptop computer thefts are continually increasing with airports hotel rooms, parked cars, shops and offices easy targets for thieves.

The inconvenience of losing your laptop is easily overcome by just buying a new one but if your data was not backed up the problem suddenly becomes much more serious. Laptops have become the modern day diary/ Filofax and contain masses and masses of important and often sensitive data. Contacts, appointments, e-tickets, presentations and bank statements are all likely to be stored on your laptop and without this data your business travel could be severely disrupted and potential business lost.

Secure online backup from BackupVault will give you peace of mind and enable you to continue you working day with the minimum of disruption. If and when you need to restore your data it is just three mouse clicks away and our 24/7 service means you will always be able to access that critical and sensitive information and continue your day.

Secure online backup is not an option it is a necessity! Make sure you get your data securely stored with BackupVault. Don’t delay, call us today on 020 3102 0040 or go to BackupVault for more information about our comprehensive, secure data storage services.