Microsoft SQL databases are the cornerstone of many small/medium sized businesses. Unfortunately, they are often not backed up correctly and many businesses are at risk of significant data loss.

Only when a restore is necessary do users find out the SQL backup did not actually work. The BackupVault cloud backup solution is installed in under 5 minutes and automatically detects an SQL database service.

Databases can be backed up once or multiple times per day and only the changed parts of the database are sent to our secure UK datacentres. This results in very efficient data transfers with no loss of performance.

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SQL Backup Features

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Backup Live Microsoft SQL Databases

BackupVault Pro software can backup a Microsoft SQL database in a live environment with no degradation of service.

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GDPR Compliant Service

BackupVault are one of the very few providers that are GDPR compliant. Your data is encrypted using a 256bit AES GCM key known only to you and remains at rest on in UK datacentres.

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UK Datacentres & Support

Your data is sent offsite to two physically separate UK datacentres in Slough & Reading to protect from fire, theft, flood, viruses and user error. 24 hour UK technical support is provided as standard.

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Completely Automatic

Forget about the hassle of changing tape and disks. Backups are performed automatically every day - once or multiple times per day to suit your requirements.

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Efficient Data Transfer

Login to your client backup accounts from one simple secure management console. Adjust account sizes, enable/disable accounts and generate backup reports with ease.

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InstantData Restore

Using our unique InstantData technology you can immediately access a backed up SQL database even before its been fully restored. Your recovery time objective (RTO) can effectively be reduced to zero.

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Operating System Support

BackupVault offers a range of scalable solutions that work across your IT environment so you can protect critical data on your server networks and end user workstations:

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As well as Windows, our cloud backup solution works with Mac and Linux servers to protect your critical data.

Our Technology Partners

Our carefully selected premium hardware, software and infrastructure providers power the BackupVault Cloud, so we can deliver a truly reliable backup service.

What Our Customers Say

Martyn Kaye

Heatmiser UK

“We have used BackupVault for several years now after trying many other systems and being dissatisfied. Backup systems only prove their worth when a system failure happens, and after such a failure BackupVault worked above and beyond what was expected to get our systems operational, involving restoring a large SQL DB. Their UK based phone support and proactive support are the primary reasons why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BackupVault.”

Paul Griffin


“GCIS, a leading Managed IT Services company based in Hertfordshire have used BackupVault to enhance our offering to our clients. We find use of the service effortless. It just works. Our clients enjoy the knowledge that their data is encrypted at all times and does not leave the UK, and that when the need arises data is recovered promptly. The 24/7 technical support is handy, but with such reliability it is hardly used. ”

Mark Sinclair

Local IT Care

“As an IT consultant for a number of large clients I needed a backup solution that was both fast and über reliable. The solution provided by BackupVault offers this and has helped a number of my clients recover data within minutes that would of previously taken hours to recover using their old tape solution.  ”

Neil Litten

Phoenix SSI

“Phoenix have been using BackupVault for our clients’ offsite backups for around 18 months. In that time we have had no loss of service so I have only contacted them with general questions which they have answered promptly and helpfully. On a personal level restoring databases that have corrupted while I have been working on them has proved to be a life saver on several occasions, while the ability to restore client files hit by ransomware viruses has proved equally vital. For individual or small groups of files the whole process takes under a minute which is always impressive when onsite with an anxious client. BackupVault has quickly become a crucial part of our overall backup strategy.”

Rob Whittlesey

Digital Medic Ltd

“BackupVault is fantastic. We started rolling it out to our clients about 5 months ago, and haven’t looked back. Any issues we have encountered have been due to client security settings and the helpful support guys helped us get everything up and running in no time. The software is pretty much set it up and let it do its thing, don’t need to do much else. The system can email you a report to let you know what’s happening on a regular schedule. Our clients are happy that all their data is held in the UK, what with the current unknown political element in the USA. Data transfer speed is great, most clients don’t even know the system is running, until we recover an accidentally deleted file for them in seconds, some of the non-techy clients think this is some sort of magic! I would certainly recommend this service to anyone wishing to provide a backup solution to their clients. ”

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