Online Backup and The Cloud…

Once upon time (it seems like that anyway) we backed up our files and data onto a physical disk like a ‘tape’ or hard-drive. Nowadays, most business (and individuals), irrespective of size, utilise online backup technology. Online backup leverages the internet and cloud computing to create an off-site storage solution with little hardware requirements.

Online backup comes with many advantages; freeing businesses from risks such as employee theft, human error when backing up important files, or risk of damage and loss through fire and flooding. Anyone who’s experienced a hard drive crash knows that it’s critical to have a backup!

A common term being bounced about with regards to online backup is Cloud Backup, or cloud computer backup.

What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud refers to backing up data and files to a remote, cloud-based server. Cloud backup enable businesses or individuals to store their data and computer files on the internet using a storage service provider, opposed to storing data locally, using physical means such as a hard-drive or tape backup.

As a form of cloud storage, cloud backup data is stored in and is accessible from multiple connected resources that comprise a cloud.

Think of ‘The Cloud’ as a safe you can access from anywhere. With your files backed up to the Cloud, you can access any of your files from any Web browser, a desktop computer or laptop, from your iPad, iPhone or BlackBerry, Android, or other mobile device.

Cloud backup providers allow customers to remotely access the provider’s services using a secure client log in application to back up files from the customer’s computers or data center to the online storage server using an encrypted connection.

Why Choose Cloud Online Backup

  • Inexpensive & Practical – Many make the common error of assuming Cloud storage is expensive and complicated. Its not. Many people store files on a physical device such as an external hard drive or a NAS device; but these are also vulnerable to failure, damage or theft.
  • Transfer files easily to a new computer device – Many businesses will move offices, update or changes computers. With your files securely backed up to the Cloud, restoring your files and data to a new computer device is easy. No need to waste important time (and money) with USB thumb drives or external hard drives to find your backed up files!

Online Backup for SME’s is by far the most cost effective solution available to protect your critical business data. Powered by Attix5, it has other great features as well:

  • Completely Automatic
  • Offsite Storage
  • Affordable
  • Secure Encrypted Storage
  • 24 Hour UK Support
  • Scalable
  • Rapid Backup & Restores