Online Backup for Dental Practices

In today’s world, most businesses wish to back up their computing data. Even industries that once would have operated very rudimentary computer systems, if they bothered with computing at all, are moving to take advantage of contemporary technology.

One such industrial niche is that of dentists. Modern dentists acquire vast amounts of data on patients, and storing and collating this is central to a dentist’s everyday operation. As for any other business, it is a dentist’s worst nightmare that something could go horribly wrong with its IT systems, resulting in untold amounts of patient records disappearing forever.

It is thus naturally a necessity for dentists to back up their data. But given the relative lack of IT knowledge in this profession, many dentists make poor decisions about backing up their data. This is not always necessarily done due to cutting corners, although sometimes there is a feeling among dentists that they don’t need to take this too seriously; simply opting for a data backup service is satisfactory in itself.

Unfortunately, this often results in a dentist opting for a cheap or even free backup provider. Sadly, you get what you pay for, and this has landed numerous dentists in hot water over the years. It is essential for all dentists that wish to back up their patient data to store their backups off-site, fully encrypted, and in Britain with a UK company.

While the cloud provides a perfect opportunity to do this, many dentists are either not fully-versed in the cloud, or else they don’t understand the legal requirements relating to backing up their data. There are in fact specific requirements for dentist when selecting a backup solution, and these are enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

All dentists are required to be registered with ICO. This is due to the fact that they collect, handle, create and process patient data, which opens them up to data protection regulations. However, it is not enough to be merely registered with ICO; it is also incumbent upon dentists to understand their own data protection requirements and obligations. The ICO also provides a guide on cloud computing which is very useful for the uninitiated.

Fortunately, BackupVault has been working with companies of all types and sizes on such cloud-related issues for some time, and are therefore in the perfect position to assist all dentists with any of their data backup needs.