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Completely Automatic

BackupVault Cloud Online Backup really is a "set and forget" backup solution. The software will run automatically each night with absolutely no user intervention. You do not need to change tapes or take disks home each night. Staff at our datacenter continually monitor the service to ensure round the clock reliability.

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Secure Transmission & Storage

All of the data leaving your office and "in flight" over the Internet is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption with a key known only to you. Username and password authentication to our storage platform is secured via SSL encryption for added peace on mind.

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Cloud Based Offsite Storage

As the data is sent offsite to our servers it is protected from onsite threats such as fire, floods, hard disk errors and human error. Data is also mirrored to a second datacenter for redundancy.

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Fast Initial Backup

Data is compressed before being sent over the Internet to our servers - reducing backup time considerably. For customers who have a large amount of data to protect, our software allows you to perform the first backup to an external drive. We can then collect the drive and upload the data directly to our storage servers. Subsequent backups are then performed as normal over the Internet.

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Fast Daily Backups

Our backup solution is powered by Attix5 software and only backs up new plus the changed parts of files. For example, if a 5Gb Outlook email file receives 100MB of emails in one day - then only around 100MB is backed up. Coupled with fast compression, typical backup times last only a few minutes.

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Backup Open Files

BackupVault Online Backup utilises the latest in Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) framework enabling even open files to be backed up with ease. For example, if you have a Word document or Outlook open the software will work silently in the background ensuring you are protected.

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Recover Data Instantly

If the worst happens and you need to restore data, you can be assured of a fast recovery. Simply open the program, select the file or folders you wish to recover and click "restore". There is also the ability to restore up to 30 different backup versions - something that is simply not feasible with traditional backup methods.

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Try Before You Buy

We are so confident you will love our software we offer a free no obligation trial. Simply fill out the free trial form and you will have full access to the backup software to try. You can backup, delete and restore files on your computer with ease.

Search Your Backups - If you are looking for a file to restore and can’t remember the original location you can use the easy search feature. All matching results are displayed and you simply select the one you wish to restore.

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