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Are you an IT company, consultant, entrepreneur, white label reseller or hosting provider looking to expand your business?

Our cloud backup partner program enables you to receive high margin, repeat revenue every month, whilst offering a secure online backup solution to your customers.

Building your own cloud online backup service is expensive in terms of hardware and licensing – it’s also risky. By partnering with BackupVault’s backup reseller programme, you’ll benefit from zero infrastructure investment and an accelerated route to market.

Most importantly, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing your customer data is securely backed up every day by our completely automatic, GDPR compliant solution. Our solution runs on the ultra-reliable Attix5 software and we own our own hardware with UK based offices and servers .

BackupVault is 100% privately owned and has been profitable every year since inception in 2004. We are certain that BackupVault will be a solid and reliable addition to your business. If you are interested in becoming a cloud backup reseller, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the best partnership opportunities for you.

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    Why Become a BackupVault Partner?

    Repeat, Recurring Monthly Revenue
    BackupVault adds a simple additional recurring revenue stream to your business. You’ll be able to give your customers a premium cloud backup solution whilst enjoying increased profits from a truly value-adding service.
    Initial Seed Backup Service
    Large initial backups that are prohibitive to upload over the Internet can benefit from our snapshot service. The first backup is sent to an encrypted USB disk and sent to our datacenter to import.
    Cloud Management Console
    Login to your client backup accounts from one simple secure management console. Adjust account sizes, enable/disable accounts and generate backup reports with ease.
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    GDPR Compliant

    BackupVault are one of the very few providers that are GDPR compliant. Your data is encrypted using a 256bit AES GCM key known only to you and remains at rest on in UK datacentres.

    No Setup or Upfront Fees
    Partners pay a single monthly fee for access to the secure backup platform and no upfront costs whatsoever. Our flexible pricing structure is designed to grow as your backup business increases.
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    Completely UK Based

    Both datacentres and our 24/7 support staff are based in Slough and Reading. We are one of the few online backup companies that can say with 100% certainty that your data will never leave the UK.

    Other Backup Solutions

    BackupVault offers a range of scalable solutions that work across your IT environment so you can protect critical data on your server networks and end user workstations.

    OS Compatibility

    Our online backup software will run on any normal PC or server running either Windows 7/8/10 or Server 2008/2012/2016/2019, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.
    Mac OSX

    Our Technology Partners

    Our carefully selected premium hardware, software and infrastructure providers power the BackupVault Cloud, so we can deliver a truly reliable backup service.

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    What Our Cloud Backup Resellers Say

    Steven Bain
    “As a managed IT services provider we previously used Acronis Cloud Backup to protect our data. That was until we found BackupVault. The BackupVault software and overall service is second to none and the 24 hour UK support has been invaluable. Compared to our previous backup solution, we now spend very little time administering the backups for our customers.”
    Paul Page
    Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd
    “For our customers, BackupVault represents peace of mind. No matter what event befalls our customers’ servers or premises, we are able to download their Sharp-aX system software and data with minimal downtime and reliability. With UK based servers, daily monitoring reports and excellent customer service, we would not hesitate to recommend BackupVault to our customers. ”
    Mark Sinclair
    Local IT Care
    “As an IT consultant for a number of large clients I needed a backup solution that was both fast and über reliable. The solution provided by BackupVault offers this and has helped a number of my clients recover data within minutes that would of previously taken hours to recover using their old tape solution. ”
    Neil Litten
    Phoenix SSI
    “Phoenix have been using BackupVault for our clients’ offsite backups for around 18 months. In that time we have had no loss of service so I have only contacted them with general questions which they have answered promptly and helpfully. On a personal level restoring databases that have corrupted while I have been working on them has proved to be a life saver on several occasions, while the ability to restore client files hit by ransomware viruses has proved equally vital. For individual or small groups of files the whole process takes under a minute which is always impressive when onsite with an anxious client. BackupVault has quickly become a crucial part of our overall backup strategy.”
    Rob Whittlesey
    Digital Medic Ltd
    “BackupVault is fantastic. We started rolling it out to our clients about 5 months ago, and haven’t looked back. Any issues we have encountered have been due to client security settings and the helpful support guys helped us get everything up and running in no time. The software is pretty much set it up and let it do its thing, don’t need to do much else. The system can email you a report to let you know what’s happening on a regular schedule. Our clients are happy that all their data is held in the UK, what with the current unknown political element in the USA. Data transfer speed is great, most clients don’t even know the system is running, until we recover an accidentally deleted file for them in seconds, some of the non-techy clients think this is some sort of magic! I would certainly recommend this service to anyone wishing to provide a backup solution to their clients. ”

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