Restoring Online Data With BackupVault Is Quick & Easy…

Over the past few months we have been talking about Cloud Backup: what it is, why you should use online backup, and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

A common question we get asked is “Will it take me an eternity to restore the data?” A frequent misconception when thinking about online data storage.

What if we told you, that with BackupVault, backups are performed automatically every night or at a time that suits you. If you ever need to restore any data you can restore files in as little as three mouse clicks. Yes three.

Now we can’t speak for every cloud backup, or online data storage software; but our software at BackupVault really is that quick and easy and easy to use; making your life and business run much smoother.

Other cloud backup facilities (from other providers) can take longer to restore data (speed can be affected by various factors), and perhaps this is where the idea that restoring data will take an eternity?! This often occurs when people opt for a cheaper solution and subsequently forfeit some quality. Ultimately, with anything in the modern world; pay peanuts…expect monkeys.

By that we mean, cheaper cloud options may ofter data to be sent and stored on hardware in a location away from the provider to minimise costs; somewhere where they don’t have control or influence over the type of hardware used to store the data, network connections and speeds. The provider may not have the ability to therefore copy data onto a portable device, and as a result, you may find a situation where a large amount of data needs to be restored by a client, at a different site from the providers, where the inferior standard of hardware and download speeds may really slow the process – not ideal.

Reliable UK Cloud Backup solutions offer features that massively help to reduce restore times; proving to restore more data quicker than other backup methods such as tape.

At BackupVault we use the most reliable online backup software on the market today – Attix5 Backup Professional.

At BackupVault we are confident of our great software, and service. We offer a no nonsense free 14 day trial of all of our software. We will even install it remotely if you wish…