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Completely Automatic

Our cloud online backup solution powered by Attix5 is completely automatic and requires very little user intervention. The backup software will run each night or at a time you specify. Your IT staff costs will be considerably lower as staff are not required to change tapes and disks or check the integrity of the backup media.

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Secure Transmission & Storage

All of the data leaving your office and "in flight" over the Internet is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption with a key known only to you. Username and password authentication to our storage platform is secured via SSL encryption for added peace on mind.

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Offsite Storage

Cloud Online backup by its very nature is offsite as your data is backed up to our secure facilities. Critical business data will be protected against threats such as human error, hardware failure, fire and floods. As added protection our storage servers are replicated every 15 minutes to a secondary site for complete redundancy

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Central Management & Monitoring

Companies with multiple online backup accounts have the option of viewing the status of each account from a central management console. Various backup options can be viewed and edited such as last backup time, storage used and password changes. The console is perfect for managing the backups of users that are often working away from the office.

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Backup Network Drives

The Server Edition of the backup software features full support for Windows network drives. Drives are backed up using the UNC path instead of mapped drive letters for added reliability. Backup these drives easily with as little as two mouse clicks.

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Exchange & SQL Support

Complex databases such as Exchange & SQL servers are backed up easily with BackupVault. The software can backup and restore MS Exchange and SQL databases without interrupting the service. Single mailboxes and even individual emails can also be restored individually.

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Search Your Backups

If you are looking for a file to restore and cant remember the original location you can use the easy search feature. All matching results are displayed and you simply select the one you wish to restore.

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Try Before You Buy

We encourage all potential customers to try our backup software before paying for the service. Try a fully featured version of the software on your PCs and servers with absolutely no obligation for 14 days free of charge.

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