The failure rate of tape drives is eventually 100%. Use online backup instead!

Onsite tape backup was one of the first types of backup available and was how many businesses chose to perform data backup. Knowing you have that tangible material you can put your hands on provides a sense of control and confidence.

Even though processes have improved for moving tapes between sites, and there have been developments in tape technology, the advantages of online data backup are abundant and future proof, with advantages outweighing any tape drive backup.

The times they are changing. Online backup is future proof, and we aren’t going backwards, so why not change before you have to; it makes sense.

Partner With BackupVault

If you are you an IT company, consultant, reseller or hosting provider looking to expand your business by providing secure online backup services, we can help. Fed up of running round multiple sites, transporting and changing tapes? Don’t worry, this isn’t leading to an expensive sales pitch, it will actually benefit you…

Time is money (sorry to drop the cliche but it is true!) and tape backup is more labor intensive; requiring more manual labor than other backup types – more time, more money. Depending upon the size of a system you possess (if it is large), it may become a long and tedious process.

Backing up on tape can become a real burden to both you and your customers… If they have a large amount of data to restore, they’ll naturally require allot of empty space on tape, or other medium available. You may have to use several tapes, change them, transport them; it can become costly and time consuming.

What if, rather than running around from office to office, you could install our backup software on all your customers servers and sit back with total peace of mind, knowing everything is safe? What if your margins could then be around 50% as well as benefiting from reliable monthly recurring revenue?

At Backup Vault, our partner program enables you to receive high margin repeat revenue on a monthly basis, whilst offering a secure backup solution to your customers; win-win. Find out more here..

You might be thinking, “ok, we get that online backup is future-proof and the way forward, so lets do it ourselves…” But, to create and build your own online backup service is expensive in terms of hardware and licensing – and is also risky. By partnering with BackupVault you can be rest assured our solution will be a solid and reliable addition to your business. You can also benefit from zero infrastructure investment and an extremely fast time to market.

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