The Impact of Failed Backup: Don’t Forget to Test

You can have the most comprehensive and sophisticated Backup system available, but how will you know it works as wll as it claims, unless you actually test it? We read about products all the time that claim to do marvellous things, however, for our own personal confidence and understanding, testing is a must!

Imagine you don’t test your backup, how will you know if it is working, and if you are operating/working correctly with it? Like anything, sometimes things can go wrong with backups, so ensure you understand where this can happen and how to prevent it…

Every good backup and recovery plan involves testing. It is extremely important to perform test restores from your backup media and Online backup systems are no exception. While online backup systems are extremely reliable, you would be well advised to test the restore side of the system to make sure there are no problems with the retrieval functionality, security or encryption.

Imagine you discover that someone was in a hurry to do a backup one day, and configured the backup software to backup just their file directory, and they never got around to resetting the configuration? You are sat at your desk, beavering away, assuming all files from all employees are being backed up, except they’re not; only the hurried employee files are. Awkward.

Important data within companies is rapidly increasing all the time. Having all this critical data on company systems in turn increases the possibility of a an employee accidentally deleting vital data, and potentially creating financial problems for the company, not to mention an embarrassment reputation wise.

We are still amazed when we talk to companies who tell us of horror stories around restoring data. We often hear how employees suggest it is ‘not an efficient use of their time.’ This concerns us massively as the impact on companies that are unable to restore critical files and data, or if the main CRM or accounts system stopped working, would be hugely damaging just because someone ‘can’t be bothered’. Or, tested the backup once and then forgot about it.

At BackupVault we believe there is no reason not to test your backup software, or to run those updates. Firstly, we offer a an automated solution, where you decide when you want an automatic backup to be run; free from human intervention (and error). We take over the running and management of the backup if required, removing the time issue and risk of an employee not running that critical back up or test. Why not try our Free 14 Day Trial of all of our software.?