The risks of using free online backup software

In the highly competitive global marketplace in which all small businesses must compete today, keeping expenses down to a bare minimum is a critical part of achieving a profitable bottom line. Thus, many companies try to instigate efficiency drives on all manner of different parts of their business expenditure. Sometimes this pays off, but there are areas where such corner cutting can prove disastrous.

One such area is with regard to backing up data. This is often viewed as an inconvenience and irritation by companies, but it should instead be viewed as an absolutely essential facet of any business. There is little of more importance to businesses than their raw information, and keeping it safe from any incidents and hackers should be considered an absolute top priority.

Unfortunately, too many businesses opt for free online backup services, which while tempting in fiscal terms, can have disastrous consequences when they fail to adequately backup your data. There are numerous reasons why it is not wise to opt for such a service, and these include the following:

  • Firstly, many backup services are not based in the UK. If you are a business based in the United Kingdom, and have personal customer information, it is essential for you to store backups in your native country to adhere to various regulations.
  • Free backup providers often failed to satisfactorily encrypt data when it is stored on the cloud provider’s servers. Perhaps they may encrypt the data as it is transmitted over the Internet, but it will almost never be encrypted while resting in the cloud provider’s data centre; making it extremely vulnerable to hackers.
  • Free and cheap providers of backup services often use third-party companies to store data, meaning that you will not even know where your data is being sent to be stored.
  • Free providers in particular are extremely unlikely to offer decent customer support, while esteemed providers of backup services such as BackupVault can provide 24/7 UK-based telephone and e-mail support, ensuring that any difficulties with your business are addressed immediately.
  • Cheap providers will also often use sub-par software, which cannot handle complex business-based environments or even the most basic databases.
  • Finally, free providers will frequently throttle bandwidth in order to save costs. This can greatly delay receiving your data back from a backup service.
  • Thankfully, BackupVault has been working with business data for many years, and refuses to cut corners in offering you a world-class backup service. Opting for cheap backup services can be completely false economics, and instead plumping for a reputable provider such as BackupVault is to be recommended.

At BackupVault we would prefer to spend 10 minutes explaining why our service priced at a premium, rather than having to explain why we cannot restore their data due to using cheap and unreliable software.