With Cheap Online Backup You Get What You Pay For

The business world moves extremely fast in the contemporary world, and falling behind the pack for even a matter of days can be extremely costly for any business. With this notion in mind then it should be clear what one of the most valuable components of any business is – its own data.

This was exemplified perfectly recently by the Crypto Locker virus which caused untold problems for enterprises all over the world. Despite the fraudulent nature of what this piece of malware did, and the fact that there would obviously have been great resentment towards the people who created it, many businesses still felt obliged to pay the creators of the virus to release their data, as they didn’t see any other possible avenue for them. It was simply too valuable for any other approach.

Thus, it is absolutely clear from this story that backing up the data of your business is not merely a sensible precaution, it is something that can be absolutely essential to the very survival of your enterprise. Both those affected by Crypto Locker, and the people who created it, fully recognised this.

In accordance with this, the data backup marketplace is now just as competitive as any other strata of business, with a host of companies offering a variety of different solutions to companies looking to back up the information which is central to their business operation. Of course, in common with any competitive marketplace, many companies that are new to the market offer seemingly incredible deals in the hope of catching the attention of inexperienced enterprises.

While it is tempting to simply plump for the cheapest option, the reality is that any business wanting to protect its data would be well advised to engage in appropriate market research first, before opting for something which is completely unsuitable for their needs. One of the wisest maxims that has been ever put forward is that you get what you pay for, and if you pay peanuts for something…well, it should be obvious what you can expect to receive.

If your business has a large amount of data to backup, for example in excess of 200GB, then it is extremely unrealistic to expect this data to be restored at a moment’s notice by a company who is offering a bargain basement back-up solution. And the worst thing about this particular line of business is that if the quality of service you receive doesn’t match up to your expectations, there is nothing you can do about it. Well, you can withhold payment, but you can’t get your data back, that’s the whole point of what the backup solution is offering.

Here at BackupVault, we may not be the cheapest solution out there, but we are fully aware of the importance of data. With many years of experience (since 2004!), our backup service provides you with total peace of mind, ensuring that your data is 100% secure whatever disasters your business may befall.