Would your company survive a natural disaster?

Here in the UK we have already had a taste of winter with floods and high winds bringing chaos to many businesses. In the US the situation is far worse and as Hurricane Sandy passes through it remains to be seen how businesses will cope and what disaster recovery plans they actually have in place.

Flooding has been a particular nightmare for small businesses here in the UK and some SME’s had computers and servers damaged beyond repair. SME owners and business professionals who routinely carry their PC’s with them in the car are also especially vulnerable to having their work interrupted by vital data loss due to lack of effective online backup.

We none of us appreciate the inconvenience that is caused by poor data protection and the solutions we have here at BackupVault are really so simple. No matter what kind of server, PC, notebook or tablet you have there is an online backup solution to suit you at a price you really can afford.

The stress of recovering from a human disaster and lost critical files cannot be compensated for so our tip for you today is to look seriously at your secure online backup and data recovery and ask yourself:

  • Is it protecting your critical files? Your server, your computer and all other mobile devices?
  • You may think you have all your files backed up but are your emails safe?
  • Do you have business data stored on your iPad and is this adequately backed up?

Take data backup seriously! The fact is that the cost of lost data has risen 68% in the last five years so when and if disaster hits you it makes sense to be secure in the knowledge that BackupVault can restore your data in a matter of minutes because it has your data safely stored with effective on line backup.

For more advice on cost effective, secure data storage solutions and much more go to www.backupvault.co.uk. For immediate peace of mind and 24 hour UK support please do call us on 020 3102 0040 before disaster hits your business.