Backup & protect your
business data on the cloud.
Set it & forget it.

Imagine losing all of your business critical data.
This could cost you thousands, or worse… put you out of business.

Set everything up in minutes.
Recover, protect & backup everything instantly.

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Backup & protect your business data on the cloud

Every 39 seconds, an organisation is hit with a data breach.

(…and 6 out of 10 of the victims go out of business within 6 months.)
The orgs that go out of business tend to be smaller to mid size.
Could you be next?…

It just takes just one innocent mistake to lose everything

It just takes just one
innocent mistake to
lose everything.

It just takes one employee to open a shady attachment, visit on a dodgy website or click on a dangerous email link.

Luckily, it just takes 5 minutes to protect your entire organisation from chain-fire attacks like this.

Backup vault doesn’t just protect you from ransomware & cyber attacks.

illustration of cloud backup and folders

Most backup providers can’t actually help you fast enough unless you’re an enterprise.

BackupVault is built for small to mid size orgs

  • The problem: Small to mid size orgs are the ones that go out of business when they suffer from a data leak – not enterprises
  • BackupVault is built for small to mid size orgs
Illustration of cloud back up and folders

Restore all your deleted data for up to 7 years.

Recover & undo mistakes instantly in a few mouse clicks

  • Especially accidentally deleted data
  • Recover ALL encrypted & deleted emails/data from malicious employees
  • No more worrying about providers retention periods that automatically delete old data
Stay compliant. Don’t worry about fines and litigations

Stay compliant. Don’t worry about fines and litigations

If you have a data breach or lose critical data, your business is at risk of compliance fines. Avoid disaster by backing up your data.

Have a single place to store all your data in one place, forever secured.

Powered by the most feature rich and reliable data protection providers in the world.

Lightning fast 365 data protection and setup within 5 minutes

Cloud first and scalable backup solutions for servers, desktops, Azure and AWS

Enterprise grade managed
disaster recovery and
backup solutions

Hear from our clients

“The difficulty with any backup system is that you only know if it works when you REALLY need it to work. We had only been using BackupVault a few months when, due to a hard disk failure on our live network, we needed to access a backup of a small file. The BackupVault system worked perfectly for us, and we recovered the file with no stress in just a few minutes.”

profile photo of Steve Goacher
Steve Goacher
Harbour Systems Ltd

“We have found BackupVault to be reliable, trouble-free and simple to use. We can relax, knowing our clients’ data is secure from loss.”

Charles Sermanni
IT Scotland

“Nice to have trust in backup software that is easily installed and has never failed with great, fast and friendly, technical support – an ideal solution.”

Nathan Plackett
Yokohama HPT Ltd

“Our data is critical, and with BackupVault I have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a catastrophe my data is safe, secure and easily retrievable. Back-ups are stored online on UK based Servers and both the backup and restore procedures and fast and easy to use. The level of help and services is also second to none. Whenever I have had any queries, the response has been very fast, helpful and productive.”

profile photo of Steve Bradshaw
Steve Bradshaw
IT Manager Eunisure Ltd

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