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Redstor Cloud Backup:
Cutting-Edge and
Scalable Data
Protection Solutions

We have been Redstor partners since 2004.  Their cutting-edge, scalable and a true “cloud first” backup technology requires no hardware to function. Perfect for the small/medium sized business market.

Redstor Software

Redstor gives you smarter
cloud backup, with zero
hardware required

Take comfort in the knowledge that your cloud is securely backed up by one of the industry’s leading providers. Redstor offers completely hassle-free solutions for your data protection and cloud backup needs. The platform is “cloud first”, so you don’t have to waste time and money purchasing and installing hardware that gets in the way.

Complete Data Protection

Get total peace of mind knowing your data is being protected by one of the most advanced, thorough, and superior software out there.



Redstor software allows you to recover entire systems in just a few clicks. With a seamless user experience that’s easy to navigate, you’ll be able to get back to work almost instantly, streaming what you need, when you need it.



Save time, hassle, and costs with no hardware requirement. A true cloud-first company. You’re free to manage everything centrally, from anywhere.


Cyber Threats

Redstor’s proprietary, AI-powered, malware detection technology identifies threats before they become attacks. Scanning all existing backup data, it isolates, and flags any suspicious files for review.

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