Powerful UK Cloud Backup for Servers, SQL databases, Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Lightning-fast UK cloud backup with native Ransomware Protection and Active Malware Detection designed for small to medium businesses and the public sector (including the government, health, education and police).

Safeguard your critical data against ransomware, theft and user error with immutable ‘set and forget’ backup. Enterprise-grade, multi-layered encryption provides an ultra-secure defensive barrier accessible only with your unique encryption key.

Peace-of-mind is assured with two maximum security UK datacentres, compliance with GDPR and independent industry data protection regulations. Plus, unlike most providers, we offer 24/7 friendly UK-based phone support with no automated queues.

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Data loss, ransom demands and regulation breaches cost more than just money.

Protect your business today – what have you got to lose?

UK Cloud Backup Designed for Businesses

Cross-platform Windows, Mac and Linux support means you can backup data hosted almost anywhere on your network or in a cloud environment such as Azure and AWS. And there’s minimal impact on network performance and zero loss of data integrity.

Why Choose BackupVault for Cloud Online Backup?

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Your data is sent offsite to two highly secure datacentres in Slough & Reading, protecting your business from fire, theft, flood, viruses, ransomware, disgruntled employees and user error.

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Your data is encrypted before it leaves your location. Multi-layered security and a unique encryption key known only to you means your data is only ever accessible by you.

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Get 24/7 phone support from friendly and knowledgeable support teams based in the UK. You can also reach us by email, chat or web message between 9am-5pm.

Avoid fines and litigation with compliance for UK GDPR and independent industry regulation requirements so can fully and confidently meet any auditing and information requests.

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Access remotely using the web console or onsite via the installed client, to schedule automatic reports that help IT departments track and manage backups and restores.

Restore your data without ever paying a penny in ransom. Our point-in-time ‘immutable’ backup makes it possible for your backed up data to be fetched without ransomware.

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Drastically minimise demand on your network bandwidth with intelligent ‘optimise & accelerate’ transfer technology.

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Backups are performed every day at a time that suits you – just set and forget until you need to restore (say goodbye to manual tapes!). We also remotely monitor and alert you if a backup fails.

Looking for the best Cloud Backup?

See how we compare with other backup cloud providers.

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Remove the threat of data loss so you can focus on your business.

What Our Clients Say

How does Cloud Backup work?

Cloud backup is the process of protecting your organisation’s data by encrypting information and sending it over the internet to a secure offsite server. Backing up to the cloud mitigates the risk of onsite threats like fire, flood, hardware issues, user error and most commonly now – ransomware.

Our service involves installing a small piece of backup software on your computer or server which sends your data securely, via an internet connection to our secure UK data centre.  This is performed automatically each day or as many times as you wish.

An organisational chart showing how cloud back up works

What sort of data can BackupVault protect?

The BackupVault cloud backup service can protect almost anything. Most common are simple files and folders, but we can also backup VSS aware databases such as MS SQL and Exchange. Other databases and systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL can also be protected.

VMWare and Hyper-V can be protected, and full server backups are supported to reduce recovery time significantly.

We are also able to provide specialist backup for schools, working with systems such as the Capita School Information Management System (SIMS).

A cloud with a timer in the middle next to an arrow pointing to an icon depicting a file

We have created a calculator to help you estimate of how long the transfer will take.

Common Cloud Backup Questions

It’s secure, completely automatic and offsite. It is also easy to use and requires very little user intervention. You will never again need to remember to change tapes or disks – everything “just works”.

As the cloud backup service is completely managed we will do all the hard work for you. We also offer 24-hour telephone and email support as standard which one of the many reasons our customers choose BackupVault.

At BackupVault we take your privacy and security very seriously. With our secure cloud backup solution, your data is encrypted on your PC/server with the encryption key known only to you. The encrypted data is transferred over the Internet to our secure servers where it remains encrypted ready for rapid restoration. Our datacentres are also state of the art with numerous physical security measures in place.

Cloud backup pricing can vary widely depending on the provider, your requirements and how software providers structure fees for their services.

As well as checking what’s included in the price, it’s important to consider how efficient the service is as you may find the backup storage you thought you paid for exceeds the agreed capacity very quickly. Our business cloud backup starts from as little as £20 per month. The price you pay depends on your data storage requirements.

This is often much less than you think, so we highly recommend speaking to us for an accurate quote.

To use cloud backup, you need to install our backup client on a laptop, desktop or server. You can then select which data you want to backup to the cloud and how often. Once this has been set up your backup will run automatically in the background. It’s a set and forget user experience – until you need it.

Your cloud backup files can be accessed in several ways. The most common route is to open the backup client software, select Restore, then pick a date and the files/folders to restore.

You can also mount a virtual drive on any PC and restore data from there.

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